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American Disgrace: Women are now Livestock

I've been saying this for years. Here it is again:

"If you've never adopted an orphaned, drug-addicted or special-needs baby of another race, you need to just shut the fuck up about abortion."

"Just. Shut. The. Fuck. Up."

You don't get to spew your anti-abortion bullshit unless/until you put your money where your mouth is, and actively engage in providing solutions to your "problem."

That means, taking in foster children, adopting children of rape, caring for pregnant victims of incest, etc.

THAT is exactly what you should be doing now, and every day, if you support today's heinous SCOTUS decision.

Anything less is hypocritical to the nth degree.

But you won't do it. Because "NIMBY" is the leitmotif of American Conservatives.

SCOTUS has failed us today. Totally. Miserably.

We must ALL vote this fall. And vote Democrat.

Every single one of us.

No excuses. None of that "it's pointless" hogwash.

We must remove as many GOP Senators & Representatives as we can come November.

The ONLY way we can get America back to being America.

We must vote true-blue patriotic Democrats into as many offices as we can!

And then finally abolish the filibuster, so we can then codify into LAW, once and for all, women's reproductive rights, the ERA, Black rights, common-sense gun laws, police reform, voting protections, true lasting policies to battle global warming, ensure marriage equality, and protect Social Security & Medicare.

Voting out the GOP as much as possible is truly the only way left to drag our country into the 21st Century with the rest of the civilized world.

This is truly our only way to save our nation.

To save ourselves.

Women, vote to save your lives and your daughters' lives!

LGBTQ, vote to save your marriages and equality!

Elderly, vote to save your retirement and health care!

18y-os, vote to save your younger siblings from being gunned down at school.

Get mad. Stay mad. And carry that rage right into the voting booth.

* * * * *

We need to resist with the fearlessness of Stonewall drag queens.

We need to fight with the dogged determination of 1980s AIDS Street Warriors.

We need to scream with the indignant self-righteousness of every woman who has lost a daughter due to denial of reproductive health care.

We need to protest with the full force & fury of every Black woman who has lost a son or daughter to police brutality.

All of that rage. That fury. That righteous indignation. Combined.

It's time to put the fear of the righteous into the hearts of those un-American Republicans who profit off our poverty, who play on the fears of the uneducated, who demonize fellow Americans for being Black, gay, trans, or different, who sit counting their NRA contributions as children are slaughtered by guns in our schools, who who lie to Congress in order to strip away established rights & ignore the will of over 70% of the population.

They have raped our rights. They have warped what America stands for. They are turning our schools into killing fields.

We should make their lives a living hell, as they are trying to do the same for us.

We don't have the power of the courts. Or political office.

So we will make them afraid. In restaurants. In stores. At their offices. In their front yards. In their churches. At their country clubs.

Confront them, peacefully but forcefully, at every opportunity. Make them worried about going out into public.

They started this "Culture War."

It's time we END it, and WIN it!

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