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Three Faces of Me

I'm a Gemini. I can play all sides.

Just this morning, for example. I woke up in a great mood, thinking about the job interviews I've had and the auditions I've been submitting to. I reminded myself how important faith is to work, to the arts, to living life. Focus on the tasks at hand, and have faith they will somehow pay off in the end. And that faith can be a source of comfort and joy.

And then I remembered the news. The leaked brief from SCOTUS that indicates they will overturn Roe v. Wade.

Then, Radical Leon appeared. He's saying, "Faith is a waste of time!" and is feeling fatalistic about his country & all the things that have brought us so close to ruin (the GOP, lack of education & health-care services, racism, sexism, homophobia, conspiracy theories, social media, 24/7 news). Radical Leon would like to take to the streets & "burn this shit down."

Then, there's Old-Man Leon. He realizes he only has about 20 years left on Earth, and that's if he's lucky. He used to think, "Oh good, I'll be dead before the shit really hits the fan." But he knows that's no longer true. Shit is hitting fan right now. Old-Man Leon longs to turn off all the news, bury his head in the sand, and focus solely & merely on selfish pursuits while there's still time (and a planet) left.

Today, with the dreadful news of SCOTUS' leaked brief on abortion (which also signals they'll go after gay marriage next), I'm flip-flopping between the 3 Leon's all day long.

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