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Say Gay!

So here's the thing about Florida...

Look at my grade-school pics. Isn't it obvious?

Even Mom recently said she knew I was gay when I was a toddler!

I knew I was gay in elementary school, before I knew that sex even existed!

And so did my classmates, many of whom teased me mercilessly & constantly about being a "sissy."

"Gay" is not all about sex. It's a sense of being "other" than what you see around you.

When I was in grade school, even a gay kid like me was too afraid to say "gay," so I never complained about or reported the kids who bullied me and called me names.

Nobody in the Florida school system wants to "teach" elementary-school kids about being gay. Nobody wants to "turn" kids queer.

But they DO want to be able to acknowledge real life, REALITY, if & when it comes up, without being misconstrued, or being sent to jai!

What could a Florida teacher say to a kid like me, when he tells his teacher that he's being harassed & called a queer, if DeSantis signs "Don't Say Gay" into law?

Please let DeSantis know how you feel, either via mail (see below for his address) or phone (his office number is (850) 717.9337).

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