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From my desk to yours...

I’m always fascinated by people’s desks. You learn much about a person by his or her workspace. It’s a sneak peek into their brains. One of the writer magazines, back in the day, had a monthly feature where they’d feature the desk of a new well-known writer each month. I always flipped to that page first when my copy arrived in the mail.

So, I was thrilled when Fabulous & Brunette asked for a photo of my workspace with a legend of the most meaningful items that surround it.

In no particular order, here are some treasures (and why) you’ll find on my desk.

· Even though I have a desktop PC for most uses, my MacBook is never far away. I use it for editing movies, prettying up photos, and for those other “arts” tasks that Apple simple does better. But when it comes to writing and business, I need my big keyboard, a big screen, Word, Excel and all the rest of it.

· There are show posters and other memorabilia from my career all over our two-bedroom apartment, but the most meaningful artifacts hang above my desk: various graphics from my TV series Old Dogs & New Tricks (watch it on Amazon Prime), including its first DVD cover, our NoH8 photo, and news of the show’s Indy Shorts screening in my hometown newspaper; the poster for The Butterfly Effect, a fundraising benefit I produced and hosted for my late friend Jeffrey Hartgraves when he was battling cancer; a floral painting by actor Johnnathan Korver; my favorite photograph by David Wilson from almost 20 years ago, and my “chair back” from my days on film sets.

· I must have a bulletin board. It keeps important stuff within reach, while livening my workspace with mementos that make me smile.

· Like every other actor and actress today, I have a ring light. I’m still not a fan of self-tape auditions, but it certainly comes in handy for all the Zoom meetings and online cocktails of late.

· I’m publishing Jeffrey Hartgraves’ wonderful script to the stage comedy Carved in Stone (in which I was lucky enough to perform in both SF and LA) next, so I have a stack of my favorite published plays to study for layout and style. He bequeathed to me the rights to the play, so I want the world to read his brilliant work!

· A Wonder Woman toy or two, just to stay in touch with my inner child (Heck, if I were any more in touch with my inner child, I’d be arrested!) And a “love bear” from my husband Laurence.

· Speaking of WW, I have Wonder Woman postcards handy for all the thank-you notes I’ve sent since SUB-LEBRITY came out!

· My favorite snapshot of two of my nieces as little girls (they’re both over 30 now!) next to my current journal, datebook (yes, I still use paper!) and to-do list.

· Down below are books I’m reading (currently, Erika Atkinson’s wonderful travel journals) and newspaper articles I’m saving for … something! Also, office supplies, a box of my book, files, binders, electronic wipes, hand sanitizer, journals, old calendars and stuff I’ve not gotten around to filing.

· I never drank coffee my first 55 years. I’ve made up for lost time the past couple years! I’ve been cutting back. Now, to get over that afternoon slump, and to reward myself for a good day’s work, I allow myself one ice-cold bottle of Mexican Coke around 3 or 4pm. Aren’t I wicked?

But now I’m worried. What did you learn about me from my workspace? I showed you mine! Now you show me yours!

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