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America is...

With Trump desperately trying to turn America into something I no longer recognize, I sat down and wrote a few words to remind myself what America was, is, and must always remain. Please let me know if you agree!

America is black. America is brown. America is yellow and white and every shade in between.

America is female. America is male. America is CIS and trans and non-binary.

America is Christian. America is agnostic. America is Catholic and Muslim and Jewish and Buddhist and atheist.

America is straight. America is gay. America is bi and queer and questioning and asexual.

America is everyone fighting to recover from trauma

America is everyone struggling against mental illness.

America is everyone refusing to be defined by a physical disability.

America is every immigrant striving for a better life. Every dreamer with something to offer.

America is the student, going to school while working full time.

America is the postal worker, still delivering off the clock.

America is the librarian trying to keep kids’ lives as normal as possible.

America is the teacher buying school supplies out of her own pocket.

America is the janitor, working to keep us clean and safe.

America is the grocery worker, risking her life to keep us fed.

America is the nurse working a 12-hour shift to keep us alive.

America is the social worker protecting at-risk children.

America is the veteran who risked all to serve and defend our country.

America is the self-made millionaire who takes pride in paying his fair share of taxes.

America is the delivery person, the Lyft driver, the fast-food employee, the trucker, who keep us moving.

America is the peaceful protestor, the good cop, the honest politician.

America is fighting fair, playing by the rules, keeping your word.

America is science. America is diversity. America is justice. America is truth.

America is a representative democracy.

That means, America is us.

All of us.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not America.

Don’t let anyone suppress your vote.

Because America is all of us.

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