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Writing Samples

Excerpts from Expletives Not Deleted (2023)

Selections from my collection of essays on pop culture & current events, available in paperback & e-book

Blond on Blonde

An honest appreciation of Netflix's icky pseudo-biography of

Marilyn Monroe.

An Essential Film Guide for Young Gay Males

A list of must-see movies from last century for gay men born this century.

From Black to Worse

Why is America so divided? It's Obama 's fault ... sort of.

On Cancel Culture

The Far Right just hates it when the Left uses their tactics

against them.

Worry and Be Happy!

Like Leslie Jordan said, happiness requires hard work.

Unsolicited Parenting Advice from a Childless Know-It-All

You should be your kid's boss and benefactor, not their best bud!

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Excerpts from SUB-LEBRITY (2020)

A few chapters from my tongue-in-cheek "Hollywood memoir by a non-famous actor," available in paperback & e-book.

Everything I Know, I Learned from TV

The origins of my love affair with television.

A (Ryan) White Christmas

A gay son & his mother bond over another family's tragedy at Christmas in the 1980s.

Foolish Mistakes & Healthy Doses of Rejection

Every actor makes them...

Bold-Faced Name Droppings

Some of my gossip-free encounters with celebs and stars.

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Other Select Writings

from here & there...

Huffington Post blogs (2016-2017)

"Quentin Crisp: Indomitable Humanist" The Human Prospect 

(Autumn 2016, Vol. 5, No. 3)

"Becoming Quentin Crisp" (2005)

... and read more on my BLOG

All Contents Copyright 2023 by Leon Acord               

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