Some Prefer Cake on DVD

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"Funny... engaging... pacing is smart, performances are lively and likeable... true to a certain breezy, self-absorbed contrariness that rules much of young San Francisco single life" Variety


This fast-paced San Francisco comedy follows best friends Kira (Kathleen Fontaine) and Sydney (Tara Howley) along intertwining paths of sex, food & relationships. Kira, an aspiring, not-so-funny lesbian stand-up comic, spends most of her time sleeping with every babe in town. Her straight pal Sydney, a restraurant critic, asserts that the average woman, given the choice between sex and a nice piece of chocolate cake, will always go for the cake -- usually eaten at the coffee shop owned by their bud Devon (Leon Acord). The story unfolds in crazy comic fashion when true love comes knocking (in the form of Desi del Valle) just as Kira is stalked by an emotionally unbalanced former hook-up (Machiko Saito), while Sydney discovers a new side to herself that has nothing to do with food.


Original Music by Eskimo / Costume Designer Deirdre Salomone

Screenplay by Jeannie Kahaney / Director of Photography Matthew J. Siegel / Produced by Heidi Arnesen, Jeannie Kahaney and Matthew J. Siegal / Directed by Heidi Arnesen

An Up All Night Production Distributibed by Wolfe Video


"A delightful, quirky romantic comedy" Hollywood Online


NOT RATED / English / Running Time: 94 minutes

Multiple Formats, Closed-captioned, Color, Dolby, Full Screen, NTSC

Release Date: August 15, 2006 / Number of Disks: 1 / ASIN B000FNNHYI / 4  ounces / 7.5 x 5.25 x .5 inches


Copyright 2006, All rights reserved, Wolfe Video, LLC

Copyright 1997, All rights reserved, Up All Night Productions

Some Prefer Cake on DVD