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BEST COMEDY -- Q Cinema Film Festival

BEST FEATURE -- TeaDance Gay and lesbian Film Festival"




David and Kyle (Bruce L. Hart, Peter Szeliga) are a happily married gay couple celebrating their tenth anniversary when they begin to wonder if monogamy is for them. Inspired by their friends Richard and Mark (Leon Acord and Brian Nolan) they draft an elaborate set of rules for "opening up" their relationship. The result is calamitous, sometimes poignant and often hilarious.


On the sidelines cheering is Kyle's hard-partying sister Gabby (Rebekah Kochan) who is exploring her own bi-curiousity with hilarious results. Rounding out the cast is sage interior decorator Margaret (Shaun Landry) an out & proud lesbian who's definitely NOT in favor of their plans.


Guest stars include: Dante, Drew Droege, Jason Stuart, David Pevsner and Ron Jeremy


Music by Bruce Chanese and Ricardo Vega / Written by Bruce Hart and Paul A. Hart / Director of Photography Jessica Gallant / Editor Chuck Abbott / Produced by Stephen Gregory Curtis, Kelley P. Crowley, Steven A. Shaw & Bruce L. Hart / Directed by Paul A. Hart


NOT RATED / English / Running Time: 90 minutes

Color, Dolby, NTSC

Number of Disks: 1 / ASIN B077YXZFX4 / 4  ounces / 7.48 x 5.39 x 0.71 inches


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