Final Remains (aka Mortuary) on DVD

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"Gritty and effective, a teen horror flick at its best!" Independent Film Quarterly


Deerhaven, California has been burdened by disappearances for more than two decades. Local officials have come up empty, as no trace of the missing have ever been found.


An eccentric psychiatrist with questionable credentials (Phil Sheridan) comes to town, to warn local sheriff (Page Jackson) of local mortician Henry Parks (Leon Acord) and his very questionable past.


Meanwhile, four college students (Heather HartmannMichelle Bellaver, Dan LawsonMike Holley) plan a local Friday night bash, ending with a midnight stop at the morturary. But what starts as a harmless prank turns into a night they will never forget.  That is, if they get out alive.


A Vanguard Release in association with ITN Productions

Van Hazelaar Productions pressents a Shawn Hazelaar Film

Dound Design Branndon Butrick / Music by T. Reed / Edited by Andrew Shawn and Shawn Hazelaar

Executive Producers Claudia Hazelaar & Shawn Hazelaar / Written & Directed by Shawn Hazelaar

An Up All Night Production Distributibed by Wolfe Video


NOT RATED / English / Running Time: 84 minutes

Color, NTSC

Release Date: January 27, 2009 / Number of Disks: 1 / ASIN B001HCQVUI / 4  ounces / 7.5 x 5.5 x 0.75 inches


Copyright 2009, All rights reserved, Vanguard

Copyright 2006, All rights reserved, Van Hazelaar Productions

Final Remains (aka Mortuary) on DVD