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I thought it'd be a fun beach read

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Two years ago, when I first began seriously thinking about writing the book that ultimately became SUB-LEBRITY, I knew I didn't want to pen an angst-y, "woe is me, acting is hard!" tome.

"It ain't me, babe," as Bob Dylan once crooned.

Even during less-than-funny moments in my life, I've (almost) always kept my chin up and a smile on my face.

After all, in the scheme of things, I'm very lucky. At age 57, I've never broken a bone, required surgery,* or spent a night in a hospital as a patient.** I've been with my husband for -- GASP! -- almost three decades. I have all my hair. The dramas & traumas in my life have been "few & far in between."

So naturally, I wanted my "memoir" (ugh, even now, I choke even typing that word) to reflect that. To be a breezy, fun read. As I wrote it, I aimed for a summer release, and fantasized about folks reading it on vacation, while frolicking on the beach, flying to their destinations, or falling asleep in their hotel rooms or campers, etc.

But then 2020 happened. The world is now a very different place than when I entertained those fantasies.

One thing is unchanged. SUB-LEBRITY's "official" release date is June 14, just days away.***

But instead of now reading my book on a crowded, sweaty beach, or aboard a commercial jetliner, or in a hotel room (make sure they clean everything!) or on a ocean cruise (please God, don't!), I now hope the book serves an altogether different purpose.

I hope it keeps your ass at home!

Seriously. Especially if you have pre-existing conditions, or have no choice but to work in high-risk jobs. Avoid public groups as much as possible. Stay healthy. Its not over yet. Stay home and read! #AloneTogether

I also hope SUB-LEBRITY helps you smile even if/when it seems there's little to smile about.

If my book accomplishes nothing more than one or both of those goals, even temporarily, I'll consider it a rousing success -- and well worth the two years' investment.

P.S. And because it cannot be said enough these days, BLACK LIVES MATTER!

* Numerous laser eye surgeries don't count!

** Only as a concerned friend.

*** Though you can get a copy in paperback now or an e-book now if you want one!

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1 commentaire

The book has been a great read through this pandemic! Write another, quick! ;-)

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