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WATCH: Live with John Fisher at Fabulosa Books

Updated: Jan 24

John Fisher & Leon Acord at Fabulosa Books

I had a blast chatting with Theatre Rhinoceros' artistic director John Fisher at Fabulosa Books in San Francisco's Castro District (my old neighborhood) about Expletives Not Deleted (among other things!).

Enjoy video highlights above, and photos from the events below.

Thank you to John, Alvin Orloff of Fabulosa Books, and all my Bay Area friends who showed up in support! It was great seeing everyone!


Burgeoning curmudgeon (or is that queer-mudgeon?) Leon Acord takes on current events (MAGA, cancel culture), modern-day life (precocious parents, technology), pop culture (theatre critics, closeted actors), and more in Expletives Not Deleted, his new collection of bitchy yet bubbly essays, all written in the same acerbic voice that made his memoir SUB-LEBRITY a five-star Amazon bestseller.

Buy it HERE or order it wherever books are sold!

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Wonderful evening and interview!

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