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And then, everything changed...

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first blog entry.

What a weird, wild time to be alive, huh? I hope everyone is staying safe, staying clean, staying home, listening to the experts & ignoring a certain megalomaniac. Please call your parents, check in with friends, leave a note for your neighbors. The biggest lesson from this, apparently, is that we need to depend on one other now to get through this.

Its going to be a long haul. Life isn't going back to normal any time soon. If you need help, do not be too embarrassed to seek it out.

I keep thinking of the London Blitz, that period from Sept. 1940 to May 1941 when the Nazis dropped bombs on London and other English cities almost nightly. I find the courage & spirit of the British people during that time very inspiring, and similar to what our better angels are demonstrating now.

I also know, having lived through the Reagan/AIDS 1980s, the 1989 Earthquake and 9/11, that you simply cannot conquer the human spirit. The worst of times brings out the best in people. (Well, most people anyway.) We will get through this, although the cost is sure to be substantial and the lessons hard.

Meanwhile, take advantage of the technological age we live in. Stream your favorite movies & binge those TV shows. Read your favorite books on Kindle. Cook your best dishes. And as you do, keep shaving, keep getting dressed, and try to get some fresh air every single day.

I'll be back soon to plug my book SUB-LEBRITY ad naseum, but for now I just wanted to say "hello" and take a collective breath with everyone!


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