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One of the most important reviews is in...

Hello everyone! I hope you're still washing hands, still wearing your masks, still staying home as much as possible, and still staying sane.

Ever so briefly, I was almost able to forget about the current horrible state of affairs on Tues., April 21. Because the e-book of SUB-LEBRITY dropped on Amazon. And it was a morning of nerves, followed by a day of lovely notes from early readers.

The general reaction so far has been quite similar to the reaction to Old Dogs & New Tricks back in the day. Then, I was told episodes were packed with both laughs and drama, and the end credits always came way too soon. Now, some readers have told me they've laughed and cried, and some were stopping or slowing down because they were reading it too fast and didn't want the book to end too soon!

Music to a writer's ears. I couldn't be more grateful.

But perhaps the best reaction so far (other than Laurence walking around with a silly-proud smile on his face), came from Erik,* my first boyfriend whom I discuss in the book, and who is now a good friend.

I was nervous when I saw it was he who was calling. Gulp! But his reaction, as soon as I answered, immediately put me at ease. He said he loved what he was reading, not only the stuff about him, but the rest of the book -- as he was almost done. But like others, he said he wanted to slow down and savor the rest before the end.

Then we talked about our early days, and that "Cruel Summer" I detailed in my book. Of the bad times, yes, but also of fun moments that summer. After we hung up, some thirty minutes later, I realized that perhaps I gave a somewhat incomplete picture of that summer.

Yes, it was pretty horrific, as anyone who's read the chapter knows. But there were laughs and moments of lightness, despite the gloom. And I will forever be grateful to Erik for feeding me sandwiches and orange juice during our afternoon trysts in his mom's basement in-between sitcom reruns.

And for remaining a very, very good friend for over -- oh dear God, that many??!

Do YOU have an early boy- or girlfriend early on with whom you're now very good friends? Please join & let's talk!

*Not his real name.

#AloneTogether #StayHome #FlattenTheCurve Buy SUB-LEBRITY at

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